Monday, June 29, 2009

Five...No, Seven

I don't suffer from any kind of severe OCD symptoms now, but about 10 years ago I came down with a nasty case of this disorder and had to take meds for awhile. Haven't been bugged by it for a long time. But it creeps up in odd little ways. Here are
five--no, seven--things that aren't so fun about having a slightly OCD brain:

  1. Counting. I can't help it...when I do the dishes, I count them. Did 12 dishes last night. Oh, and seven utensils counts as a dish.

  2. Special numbers. I love to do things in sevens. Or twelves. Of course, I count things in my head and no one knows but me. (Of course, now YOU know if you're reading this.)

  3. Clutter. You'd think with a slightly OCD brain I would have an immaculate house, wouldn't you? Well, you guessed wrong, bub.

  4. Tetris. On occasion, I'll get "stuck" doing something, and recently--for a couple of weeks--it was Tetris. I didn't play at work (much), but when I got home I had to play a round of Tetris Friends on facebook, and then I had to play another round, and another one, and another...every time hoping I could stop. One Saturday I played for 3 hours. Thankfully I suck at Tetris and playing more didn't help me improve, so I wasn't stuck in this pattern more than a couple of weeks.

  5. Twitter. Now it's twitter. I joined awhile ago (@SherriSLC) because Twitter seemed like the one way to find out what was going on in Iran. Then I signed up to follow healthcare/medical experts (always want to learn what I can about medicine for my job), photographers, Christians, Salt Lake City foodies, funny people, the odd celebrity or two. It's like a constant conversation and it's hard to stop eavesdropping.

I'm going to stop at FIVE. Take that, counting! Ha!


Alisa said...

I thought this was so funny. Thanks for the laugh.

janis said...

oooh, Tetris.. I had that bug in the 80's, and it about took over my life for a short time. Whew...

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Twitter. Hmm. Yes. Twitter.