Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random Lists

Random things Chloe has picked up: My 5-pound dog Chloe loves to forage on walks—you’d think I never feed her. I think she just likes taking care of herself and the thrill of the hunt. Once she picks up something, she picks up the pace as well and urgently heads for home. She also loves to bury her plunder. It’s not so convenient when she does that in or under my bed, so I usually take it from her at the door.

  1. An open, half-empty bag of Teddy Grahams. She jauntily held it up so they wouldn’t fall out. After we got back home I fed them to her one by one.
  2. An entire quarter-pound spicy sausage someone had dropped in the Maverik parking lot. It was almost too big for her to carry…she looked like she was smoking a Cuban cigar. Took it from her at the door, put it in a baggie in the fridge, and fed her pieces of it for the next week.
  3. A cupcake wrapper that didn’t make it all the way home. She loves paper—she stopped several times to rip off a new piece and chew it up.
  4. Many pieces of bread, buns, and rolls. My dog is also a carb-lover, apparently. I usually catch her at the door, but sometimes she bolts downstairs. If I’m lucky, I find the item carefully “buried” in the corner of the bedroom. If I’m not so lucky, I find it between my sheets. (Yes, yes, I know I could make the bed.)

Random things I’ve learned/relearned lately:

  1. As much as inDesign is frustrating sometimes, it’s about 100 times better than Word.
  2. “Debridement” is not a macho name for divorce. It’s actually a yucky and painful medical procedure. (No, I’m not having it—but a friend’s mom needs it on a foot sore every day. I’ve heard some horror stories this week.)
  3. Twitter is not as superficial as it initially seems.
  4. Procrastination doesn’t make work go away (see Twitter).
  5. Lack of sleep isn’t a good thing (see Twitter).
  6. Dark chocolate and peppermint can cause wicked heartburn—York Peppermint Patties are verboten now.
  7. God is closer and more protective than we think.
  8. God is always, always yearning to hear us and talk to us.
  9. Prayer is hard. (Why don’t I want to do it? Why is Twitter so much easier?)

Random lovely sensations:

  1. Air outside that is moving slightly (but no breeze) and a tiny bit cooler than your skin temperature.
  2. A back scratch from someone who loves you.
  3. The smell of fresh cucumbers.
  4. A gentle tug on your hair.
  5. Underwear that fit perfectly.
  6. Sunday afternoon warm, couch, paper, drowsy.
  7. Complete lack of pain.

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